Thursday, 28 July 2016

FO: Sunki tunic dress

This is a repeat make for Youngest, which I made at around the beginning of the year.  I intially made her a version in a very stiff denim that turned out to only just fit and was very short.

For this one I used the largest tween size in the pattern and I think lengthened it a bit.  The fabric is a lovely soft chambray that I picked up at Karen of DidYouMakeThat's 'Made Up Meet Up' last September. As soon as I saw it I thought it would be a good fabric for a tunic.

It went together well, although the pocket instructions made me stop and think for a while, even though I have done them before and they are very similar to the Portfolio tunic. I still really like the overlapping detail at the shoulder:

Despite the fact that she has worn this a lot more than she ever wore the first one, I only have a couple of pictures of her wearing it - as you can see, she was super keen to have her photo taken!

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

FO's: Tops for me - a Burda and a Bronte

So, still catching up with posts.  Here are a couple of tops that I made for myself earlier this year, both of which made appearances in MMM16.  I have made both of these top before and made a couple of tweaks to both.

The first is the Jennifer Lauren Vintage Bronte Top. I first made this in 2015 in a lovely coral jersey and have really enjoyed wearing it.  I bought some amazing light teal jersey with a brushed reverse, from a local shop that has since closed down. I remembered that I had wanted to lengthen the top the first time round, but had made a cutting error.  This time was more successful and I had a lovely top pretty quickly.  I think I have enough left over to make something else.
I thought that having any embelishement on the top might make it feel a bit twee but, I found some buttons left over from making Husband a couple of shirts and they match perfectly! Looking at the picture below, I think I may need to cut a smaller size in the shoulder as I don't think that the shoulder seam is supposed to sit off the shoulder like that. 
picture nabbed from MMM16
The second top is a Burda youth pattern that I made some years ago in a drapey magpie jersey that I got from Marie of A Stitching Odessey at a meet-up in London. The magpie top is still going, although I may have to retire it soon as it is looking a bit faded. It had a very long body and a deep band at the hip - if I wore opaque tights or leggings it would almost be dress, but I wear it very ruched on the hip.

The new top used up some fabric that I bought sometime ago, with the aim of trying to recreate a dress from Cos that I had tried on:
I decided that a- I couldn't get the dress out to the quantity of fabric in the way that I wanted, and b- I would get more wear from a top.  The fabric is quite striking and I wanted the pattern to come up from the waist with a plainer area at the neck.  Once I decided on a top, I knew that I wanted to use the Burda pattern to show off the fabric.

Having noted how long the magpie version of this is, I reduced the length of the body (can't remember by how much)  and reduced the depth of the band by half.  It seemed like a lot, but was perfect.  I started this one morning and amazingly for me, had it finished by the end of the school day - extraordinary what you can get done if you make a conscious decision not be distracted by other activities!

on my way to a party

With the party girls  husband

Two very successful tops that have seen a lot of wear since they were made.

Friday, 15 July 2016

FO: Olive Green Sewaholic Minoru Jacket

I made a coat.... ages ago and have had this post written for nearly as long...

I have had this Sewaholic Minoru Jacket pattern for 3 or 4 years, and I also had all the fabric that I was going to use for a long time - but it is not this fabric! The fabric I had in mind is a much more wintery fabric and when I made this I was after a mild weather that wasn't a raincoat or a big big down coat.

This fabric was given to me by my mum after she had been having a bit of a clear out. She had had it for sometime  and I have had it for a couple of years - I should think it is probably 25- 30 years old. It  is a thick cotton fabric with a slight brushed feel on the reverse and feels amazing. I had mentally assigned this fabric to being trousers, but it seemed to be the perfect match for this coat.

I did it step by step, using the written instructions that came with the pattern and also the sewalong on the Sewaholic website. Having done lots of research on other Minoru's I had lots of things that I wanted to incorporate, but due to fabric restrictions couldn't, but I did know I wanted external pockets (which the pattern doesn't have). I used the pattern piece for in-seam pockets that Amy of Sew Well drew up.

I made a size 6 which is a size or 2 smaller than what I would normally make. I checked the finished garment measurements  and decided that I wanted slim fitting coat for summer and therefore sized down.

The lining fabric for the body for the coat is the leftovers from making this Dear & Doe Plantain T, a couple of years ago.  The sleeve lining is possibley silk. I did a burn test on it and I am pretty sure it is silk. I picked it up in one of my local charity shops for a few pounds.

You can see that I have put in both the internal pockets, but currently only use the right hand one. My phone fits perfectly into the pockets and I would normally favour the left pocket for my phone, but when I have tried it, my phone jabs uncomfortably in to the boob that I had my operations on last summer.

I am ridiculously pleased with this.  Family and friends have been super impressed and several people have thought it was shop bought which is a bit of a result! I wore it constantly for the first week after finishing, then the weather got colder and I was back in my down coat for a while.  If and when I make this again, I will size up as the fabric that I still want to use is much thicker and I will probably underline it aswell.  I think also, that I would try welt pockets on the front - the in-seam pockets are just a fraction too far back.

Out and about with Eldest and Middlest!

Friday, 17 June 2016

Me-Made-May16 weeks 4 and 5

We are half way through June and I realise that I haven't recapped the last few days of May, so here we go:

The Minoru jacket, Blue Bronte top (far right) and the tunic dress Youngest is wearing, are all currently unblogged. Everything else I have linked to in previous MMM16 posts, so won't repeat myself.

I enjoyed the photo process much more this year. Most days I enlisted Youngest to take a picture just as we left the house for school. I like the door as a background, the light is good at that time of day and I am not too squinty if it is bright. I think my pictures are much better if someone else takes them, but I need to do something other than stand still, as all the pictures Youngest took look the same!As someone who isn't super keen on having my photo taken, it felt really strange to leave the house and not take a photo at the end of the month.

My bottom half clothing was greatly improved by having 2 pairs of Hudsons and my Ginger jeans, but I am planning on making more of both at some point.

I really enjoyed seeing everyone else on Instagram and now my feedly list of blogs to read has increased again. I did do Flickr a bit but kept forgetting to upload my photos after a while.

Once again, thank you Zoe of SoZo... for organising and bring on MMM17!

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Me-Made-May16 week 3

Well, half way through week 4 here is my recap of week 3:

Top row: unblogged Minoru jacket and Cowl top; Magpie Kirsten Kimono T; Newlook 6230 sweatshirt; Minoru jacket and peasant blouse

Second row: Simplicity 2451 skirt, Newlook 6230 sweatshirt and Minoru jacket; peasant blouse; Simplicity 2451 skirt and Sewaholic Renfrew top; Ginger Jeans, unblogged Burda top and Minoru jacket

This week I have only put in links to items that I haven't linked to in previous MMMay16 posts.

I seem to be coping well with the challenge and some days have even managed double or triple me-mades in one outfit. One day I even managed 5 pieces as I went to a party and had a complete change of clothes.

I notice that many people have commented about wearing repeat outfits - I am not in the least bothered about whether I wear something or a whole outfit more than once in the month. I personally feel that if I have enough clothes to wear something different every day of the month, then I have too many clothes.

The weather continues to be better than some of the previous MMM's that I have taken part in, which means that there are several items that I haven't worn yet - not long to go 'til the end of the month

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Me Made May16 week 2

Top Row: The oldest make that I still wear - made when I was around 15, updated with an exposed zip in the back a few years ago; Hudson pants v; same Hudsons as yesterday and Stripey short sleeved burda raglan top;

Bottom row: Linen self drafted skirt and poly chiffon Newlook 6895; Friday theme colour block Kristen Kimono tee; copy of rtw top under cardi, Ginger jeans and new unblogged Sewaholic Minoru jacket

In previous years I have struggled to keep warm during MMMay and most of my makes have been hidden from view under other warmer layers.  This year I have managed to wear some of my warmer weather clothes earlier in the month than previous years. I have quite a few me-made items that I haven't worn yet, but the forecast is a bit dodgey for the next few days so I'm sure they will make it out of the wardrobe at some point! 

Last year I noted that I needed more bottom halves for outfits to even out the number of tops I have made.  I have manged to do this without trying too hard - I made a linen skirt using my pattern drafting skills, another pair of Hudsons and most pleasingly, a pair of Ginger Jeans.  The jeans aren't perfect, but they are now my 'nice jeans' and all others have been relegated to everyday or working (gardening/painting etc). I have already got more denim to make some more, but I am not sure whether to stick to the Ginger skinnys or try a different style with  the new Morgan jeans by the same pattern maker, Closet Case Files.

I have been wearing myself out in the garden over the last week so have been recovering with some selfless sewing - a pair of Hudsons for Eldest and a skirt for a friend that I drafted using the info from my pattern cutting class.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Warm weather wardrobe for Youngest

I took my two older daughters shopping a couple of weeks before the Easter break to buy bikinis and other warmer weather items for a trip to Lanzarote. Youngest opted not to come - she's not a great shopper and the thought of the other two trying on bikinis was too much!

However, since she has grown so much since last summer, almost nothing fits her any more. She ended up with some hand me downs after the shopping trip, but that still left her with not much and no time to take her shopping separately. I suggested that I make her a few things and got her to look through my patterns and the selection of fabric I had pulled out of the stash.  She took this very seriously and was soon jotting down which pattern, which view, and which fabric! Needless to say she noted down much more than I could possibly sew in the time frame, but it gave me something to work from.  In a week I made:

2 pairs of shorts: One pair used up the last of the coral sweatshirting that I was struggling with in my previous post and the other pair I used an old t-shirt of Husbands that she liked the colour of.

For the t-shirt pair I cheated a little and used the hem of the shirt for the hem of the sorts. I used the True Bias Hudson pant pattern for both and just cut them shorter.  
Mum-made combo!
I got Youngest to try on my original pair of Hudsons and much to my horror they fitted her pretty well, just a bit long in the leg - She is 10! To reduce bulk, particularly in the coral pair I used a pocket tutorial from Meg from Cookin' & Craftin'.

A shirred Sundress: This is the exact copy of a dress that I made for my friends daughter a couple of years ago, same fabric, same tutorial used, just bigger

 A flutter sleeved top: using Simplicity 4589 view B cut in a size 8 and shortened a fraction. The square yoke was tricky to get neat at the corners but nothing a good steam press couldn't fix. I think the interfacing that I used was a bit firm for the style and fabric, but she didn't notice and that's just me being picky.

and lastly, a little Colette Sorbetto top. I cut a size 8? , took the front pleat out due to fabric restrictions, didn't sew the dart in the front and shirred a panel in the back to make it fit a bit better.  I had just enough small pieces to make bias tape of the the same fabric for the neckline and armholes. This was the only one that she didn't wear on the holiday, although she said she did like it.. I am a bit concerned that it will shrink in the wash as I bought the fabric years ago on a whim and was not, at that stage, in the habit of washing any fabric I bought straight away.

So, a nice little selection of things for her to wear!