Monday, 2 August 2010

Mackenzie Frock Stars 2010

This took place on Saturday 31st July. There were in the region of 40 or so entrants, mostly modelling their own creations. We had a rehearsal on Saturday afternoon, where we were divided into our categories: Under 16's; Daywear/Casual; Eveningwear and non-garment items. We had a 'walk through' so that we knew what order we were appearing in and where to walk. Having arrived and changed a bit early, I spent quite a long time standing round and getting nervous, being near the end of the running order! Eventually the bright lights beckoned and it was my turn to strut my stuff. As each entrant went on stage, a picture of the frock in it original form was projected on a screen behind us. Having struck a few poses, I was off again, then we had to wait for the announcement of the winners. There were prizes for each category, then a few extra prizes...

So now I present the winning outfit of the Envy Award - Outfit that the judges most wanted for their wardrobes:
From this:
to this

Further photos can be found at: . Photos courtesy of Thomas William-Powlett aka Husband!

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