Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Pinning out a practice Pendrell

I have been following Tasia's Sewaholic blog for a while now and when she announced her first pattern, the Pendrell blouse, I ordered a copy quick sharp. I knew that we would be returning to the UK in a couple of months, so I got the pattern sent to my in-laws for safe keeping. Having thought that I had lost the pattern at least twice during our unpacking, I wanted the Pendrell to be the first thing I made for myself.

After tidying the spare room for my parents visit, after they had gone, it was clear enough to start sewing. I decided to make a muslin of view A, before cutting into my Liberty fabric.

I found some curtains during the unpacking, that were surplus to requirement, so decided to cut into them. They were a muslin type material, quite light and floaty. Muslin for a muslin!

Having finished the muslin and tried it on, I think the neck line is too high for my liking (and a bit wonky) and the sleeves seem huge on me. I felt like an extra in Star Trek!

I did some research on the net and had a look at other peoples versions of the same view and found that most people had done the pleats on the sleeves to face downwards, whereas I had my pleats facing upwards. I think that the upward pleats are making the fabric too 'stand up-y' (not a real word I know!), instead of drapey. Next step is to take out one of the sleeves and reset it with the pleats going the other way, just to see, and then work out how low to make my neck line.


  1. Hey Tamsin! Just stopping by to say hi. It was really nice to meet you yesterday. I shall be looking out for some cheeky little jersey numbers on your blog in due course(but no Bet Lynch animal print....;)

  2. I love the Pendrell blouse - I have made 3 versions, including the same one as you. Cutting the sleeve for this version in half (instead of folding over as stated in the pattern) and adding a narrow hem really makes the sleeves lighter and less American football shoulders.

    I love your version!!