Friday, 10 June 2011

Birthday surprise

It is Middlest daughter's birthday next week. She has been very interested in my sewing, and has recently completed her own bag using a very basic pattern and my sewing machine between projects.

I thought I would make her a little sewing kit for her birthday. I think I am right in saying that when Husband left home for the bright lights of university some years ago, his Mum sent him off with a sewing kit:

so in homage to that, if not a blatant copy, I decided to do the same for Middlest.

I made a sewing bag comprising two rectangles joined together with a channel for cord, sewn at one end and the other end sewn to a circular base. I also made a scissor case, pin cushion and needle-case:

I finished sewing the scissor case and started putting together the needle-case, while waiting for all three girls to have their gym class the other day, and got several comments from other Mums that were waiting. They were very intrigued to know what I was up to and I have to say I think a couple of them were a bit confused as to why I was putting so much effort into something like that, instead of buying it. I want to encourage Middlest's interest in the same way that my Mum did for me and my Mother-in-law did for Husband.

Just need to remember to buy some cord to finish off the bag. I hope she likes them!

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  1. How lovely! When i went off to university my mum made me a little box with a sewing kit inside and it was very well used. She always encourage my sewing and craftyness (and still does!). I'm sure your daughter will love her sewing kit!

    On a side note, i stumbled across your blog from Tilly's after seeing the "near Cambridge" in your comment, and from your profile i see that you live in Saffron Walden...this is where i grew up, and my parents still live, so i thought i should say hi :)