Friday, 27 April 2012

Work in Progress: summer top

Other than my Burda trousers, I have been sewing a a summer top.  I am currently not sure whether I will be able to wear it this summer or not!

I had great plans to sew it up in time to enter it in MadebyRae's Spring Top Sewalong 2012.  As with most things, life got in the way - Easter holidays, family at home, taking on a new allotment, choice of material etc, etc.

It is still not quite finished.  It is quite a simple top, but given my choice of  material, everything has been a bit more complicated than it would otherwise.

All the seams are French seams. I was planning to do french seams on the armhole aswell, but when I read Sarai's instruction's for the Taffy blouse in the Colette Sewing Handbook, it said that french seamed armholes need to be done before the side seams.... I was not about to rip out my lovely seams so I'm not sure what to do there yet.  I have sewn all the seams with tissue as a backing to make it go throught the machine a bit more easily. There will be a bit of hand sewing to do to finish it off, as I don't think the fabric will take top stitching.

I had a sinking feeling the other day as the hail battered the windows and the wind whistled round the house, that I wouldn't actually like the top when it was done.  With some trepidation I tried it on and was very pleased with it - phew! Now I need to finish it and we need to have some summery weather!


  1. I love the fabric! How about binding the seam allowances in self fabric for a neat finish which complements the french seams? I did that recently on a Violet blouse and it turned out quite well!

  2. The top looks like it is going to be lovely - great fabric. I too am wondering when summer will come! I am starting to get fed up with getting soaked in the rain.

    1. the skies open *just* as I am leaving the house for the school run - every time!