Sunday, 1 April 2012

OWOP round up

After much dithering, I decided to join in with the OWOP (One Week, One Pattern organised by Tilly and the Buttons)) excitment.  I signed up on the last day, knowing that I had completed the week! Actually when I looked through the photos I realised that I messed up completely on Monday, but I hope I still count!

Saturday and Sunday
Portfolio Tunic with jeans and brown corduroy jacket. No photo on Sunday

Monday  - fail

Portfolio Tunic with leggings and brown cardi

Portfolio Tunic with beige/camel coloured Boden trousers that I have had for years and got out especially for this!

Denim Portfolio dress (with curly collared cardi in morning and evening)

Denim Portfolio dress with leopard print tights and brown cord jacket

All rights reserved by mujerboricua
The last photo was taken by Pincushion Treats at the OWOP cocktails organised by Karen of Did You Make That. It was great to see Karen again and meet up with lots of other lovely ladies.  (Pincshion Treats, House of Pinheiro, Stitch & Witter, Auxetically, Lazy Stitching, Claire and, of course Tilly and the Buttons, Creator of OWOP)

Looking back over the week, it was tricky doing this with only two items of clothing, especially as it was unseasonably warm for most of the week.  I had vague thoughts that I would make a top from this pattern to widen the possibilties, but they were very vague and did not materialize! I think I also need to make a bit more of an effort with my photos (see Thursdays picture, best of a bad lot - nuff said!).  It also makes me think that if I am going to take part in Me Made May this year, I need to be much better prepared!

Thank you to Tilly for organising the week, and thank you to Karen for a lovely night out!

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  1. Your denim Portfolio is so lovely. Lurvely even.

    I like the idea of wearing the tunic with trousers. You can wear it into the colder months.