Monday, 11 June 2012

FO's: Burda Trousers #105 11/2011 & Burdastyle Lydia top

I have 2 finshed items to show you.  Well, nearly finished... in that the trousers need a hook & eye, and the top may need a complete overhaul, but other than that....

Firstly the trousers.  I started these in the spring term of my sewing class, had major size issues, welt pockets, and invisible zips.  The fabric was super tricky to work with and frayed like crazy.  I think I may have cut down the size too much, certainly in the waist, and because it frayed sooooo much I thinks the legs might be a bit too slim. Also, one leg seems shorter despite my instructor very carefully doing the length for me.

  And now with an attempt at 'styling' them:

These last 2 pictures are the best views I could get. If I could spend all day standing holding on the the door knob, gazing whistfully of the window, I'm sure the trousers would look lovely!

Secondly, the Lydia top from Burdastyle.  I cut this according to my size on the chart, but, (and this I something need to remember for Burda) it is much too big.  It is a sloppy top, as opposed to a tight (form fitting top?), which is not what I was after.  The fabric was £1 a metre from my sewing teacher.  She has been selling off a collegue's stash after the collegue died and raised nearly £1000 for a local hospice.  I don't know the fibre content, but is very stretchy and I didn't really take this into account when I made the top.  I also forgot other sewists comments that it runs big, so should have made it a couple of sizes smaller.  Here it is as it fits at the moment.  I think it is ok to go under something (I wore it under a bright red deliberately oversized cowl sweater the other day) but when I got hot and took the sweater off, I suddenly felt enormous. It will be altered some how in the not too distant future - whether it will be hack-job or a careful reconstruction, I don't know yet!
front view showing strange folds of fabric over my bust
Possible sway back alteration required?
showing width of top
Pulling the top in for a better fit
Coming up, two nearly finished projects, both waiting for hems!



  2. The trousers are super stylish, & look like they fit really well - great job....I don't think the legs look too narrow - it looks to me like that is the style. And the jersey top also looks great - if you said it is too big, the lines across the top of your chest is what I had with the Renfrew originally & thought I needed an FBA ....but I dont know how that fits with how the rest feels to you?

  3. I like those trousers. I keep looking at that style and wondering if it would work for me. As for the top, I do remember that I had to go down a couple sizes to make the Lydia work for me. I guess whenever there is a little extra ease those wrinkles do appear. I bet that if took photos of yourself in RTW you would see all sorts of problems.