Monday, 6 August 2012


Here comes a small flurry of posts after a bit of a drought.  I have spent alot of time recently reading other peoples blogs and not blogging myself, mostly due to a lack of oomph and everyone being at home for the summer holidays. However, at the time of writing,  Husband is out, the girls are bickering playing nicely in the garden and I'm feeling a bit more inspired!

I have been sewing, I'm midway through a skirt for Littlest and I have another FO to show too, but here are a few slices of life... Warning - picture heavy!

In July the Olypmic Flag came past our house - the village had a decorate your house competition for the houses on the route:

our the middle of our street...!

house with flame
the garden and allotment are in dire need of attention. Due to all the rain, then warm weather everything has gone crazy - especially the weeds!
spot the veggies

a pretty corner of the garden

picking peas

visiting friends and family, watching A LOT of the Olympics on telly - so much that I think the off button has stopped working, and going to a certain sporting event:

Especially for Karen!
Cheering on the mens Quad

Victory lap by quad

Helen Glover with her medal
Me at rowers after regatta party with Steve Redgrave & Greg Searle in background(!)

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  1. Hi Tamsin,

    Thanks so much for your comment on my refashion lace overlay sweatshirt.In answer to your questions: yes the lace I used is stretchy with a bit of an elastane content. I don't know that is has to be though, as long as you don't make the final garment too fitted so it risks ripping when getting the garment on and off.

    Theoretically repurposed curtains should work, though I'd try washing the curtains first. I've had problems with panels made from lace curtains ripping during laundering in the past and you don't want to go to the effort of re-making a garment that rips at first wash, and who wants to hand-wash a sweatshirt?! All the best, please let me know if you make a similar creation. Zoe xxx