Thursday, 30 January 2014

Other ways to be creative

When I first stated this blog, way back when we were living in New Zealand, I used to include the odd bit of non-sewing. I thought That I might start doing that again as and when the mood takes me. 

Husband has been bitten by the breadmaking bug.  He was gifted a copy of the Dan Leopard book 'Short and Sweet' recently. So far he has made two or three different types of white bread and some bagels, all of which have been very tasty. He made some wheaten bread the other day -Youngest declared that she loved it, so a second batch was made today:

I have been making marmalade today. The house is very steamy and smells wonderful:
I was hoping to get it done before the girls get home from school, but I forget (every year!) how much faff is involved. I can add my sugar when I've collected Youngest and do the bottling whilst cooking dinner. Not ideal, but it will be worth it for a bit of sunshine on my toast in the morning!

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  1. I´ll have that bread with some mermelade, thank you!
    It looks yummy!!