Tuesday, 14 July 2015

FO: Lou Box top pattern test

Back in November, Beth from Sew DIY put a call out for pattern testers for a loose fitting top that she has since released as her first pattern.

I had never done anything like pattern testing before, but decided to offer and see what happened.  I got an email a few days later saying that I was selected along with a copy of the pdf of the pattern. There was no obligation to blog about the make, which is probably a good job considering how long ago it was and my lack of blogging mojo.  I really enjoyed the make having a nice fairly drapey remnant from another garment, to use. I haven't sewn to a specific timescale before, other than my sister's wedding dress and the time frame for that was a bit longer! I made notes on my pattern, filled in the feedback form, and initially forgot to send photos of the finished garment.

Bias bound neckline

Hem and side split
The pattern is for either knits or wovens and I chose to use a woven. There were separate instructions for the different types of fabric.

I have enjoyed seeing Beth's own versions of this top and those made by other people, but am not too sure about the top on me. I think I am so used to wearing more form fitting jersey tops, that anything waftey feels a bit strange...

Given the test period was in the run up to Christmas, the photos I took make me feel cold when I look at them! It was quite an overcast day, and pretty chilly in my kitchen.

The top would have been quite useful in the recent hot spell we have experienced in the UK, but being unsure of the style on me, means that I haven't actually worn it yet.  Having looked at the photos I took whilst writing this post, I think it is the fit of the jeans I should be more concerned with - talk about about a saggy bottom!

Beth has since released her Lou Box Top pattern and has just recently asked for testers for a second pattern, although I think the test period is nearly over. I would happily do pattern testing again on this experience, but  can't commit to anything like that at the moment - but give it a go if you can!

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  1. I haven't heard of those pattern or blog. I'll be going to look! I like the way the loose fit hangs on you. It's always odd though if you're used to one style and fit of top to start wearing something different. It's lovely fabric and i like the curved hem. X