Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sun, sun, sunny!

I have got an Award!

Thanks Debbie from Minnado's House for sharing this with me! Here are answers to some questions, and 10 blogs that I like to look at. I read a lot of blogs, and I'm sure that some I have chosen have already had this, so if you have, please don't feel that you need to do this all over again!

On to the questions:

Favourite colour: blue, or olivey green, or coraly pink but mostly Teal. 

Favourite animal: I'm not really an animal person, but I am very keen to find out if the two 'autumn juvenile' hedgehogs that we found running round the garden in broad daylight at the end of last summer, have made it through the winter.  We fed them up to make sure they were above the minimum hibernation survival weight , provided a hedgehog house, and made sure there was water in the garden (all after reading British Hedgehog Preservation Society website).  There has not been any sign of them yet, so here's hoping!

Favourite number: don't have one

Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Definately tea

Facebook or Twitter? Facebook to a very small extent.

My passion: sewing, family, cooking, gardening

Getting or giving presents? Both, it's great fun getting a present especially if it something you are not expecting, equally exciting giving a special person a special present.

Favourite pattern: probably Simplicity Lisette Portfolio Dress and Tunic

Favourite day of the week: again, don't have one

Favourite celebrity role model: I don't really do/get celebrity gazing, I don't really want to model myself on someone I know nothing about other than what the media wants to tell me

On to the blogs in no particular order:
Kate Davies at Needled
Winnie at ScruffyBadger
Karen at Did you make that? 
Liz at A Good Wardrobe
Amy or Ahearta at Sew Well
Sophie at cirque du bebe
Renae at Renae Made
Lavender at threadsquare

Thanks agian Debbie!

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  1. Thanks! I just caught up with this post. My first Sunshine award! I have trouble posting on some blogger sites (I need to figure out how to link my own account...), so I'm crossing my fingers this works.