Friday, 23 March 2012

Sewjo returns....

I think my sewjo might be returning slowly.

Earlier this week I made some new napkins and matching wipeable table cloth. 

In the past with these table cloths we have pinched the corners together with bulldog clips to stop the cloth sliding around on the table.  This time I have sewn the corners so that it just fits neatly.

After the last sewing lesson I went to, I had recut my Burda trousers (#105 11/2011) in a size 36 from a size 40.  I basted them together for my class on Wednesday. 

Universal opinion was that they fitted much better and that was what they were supposed to look like. My next step was to practise the welt pocket required.  At first I couldn't get my head round Burda's instructions, but I am slowly getting there, and my instructor helped me work it out.  I am going to do a couple more practices before I cut into my trousers!

The next (hopefully) quick project is to make some cushions to spruce up a couple of sofas.  I have been meaning to do this since we got back from NZ hast year, and finally got round to buying the material before the February half-term:

I am still dithering about joining Tilly's OWOP, which starts tomorrow - we'll see!

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