Monday, 12 March 2012

Lost mojo

Has anyone seen my mojo (sewjo?)

After a week of skiing at half term, a week of staying in bed with a flu-like illness, and two weeks of feeling that I should be better by now, I'm feeling a bit flat in the sewing dept.  I did do a little bit of sorting out in my sewing area the other week, after Husband had put together my new Expedit shelves:

Previously, most of that stuff had been carefully arranged on the empty boxes of my dressform and overlocker, in the same place as the shelves are now. This looks a tad more organised! 

Whilst organising all this, I rediscovered a small stash of buttons that my Mum gave me some time ago.  She had been going through some of her stuff and though I would like them.  As you can see some of these are on their original cards and would date from the seventies (most likely!) I also have some fab buttons printed with the Union Jack, which didn't seem to make it into the photos.

I did make it to my sewing class last week, having missed the first 2 of this half term.  I finished basting my Burda trousers together and found that they were enormous. Hammer pants would be an understatment!  We started taking them in various places, but I decided that it would be easier to take them apart and re-cut them in a smaller size. I originally cut a size 40 and then cut down to a size 36. Now back to the basting....


  1. Mojo? Maybe its with the left socks. Yes, the gremlin has it, as it has mine. Don't worry it will return, unlike the socks.

    I am rather envious of your space for sewing given that you have room to lay out fabric for cutting, even if it does mean toppling the ironing board. I end up cutting out a few pieces at a time, which isn't great for fabric economy.

    1. Maybe - we are missing several socks too!
      I can feel the mojo inching back, I made some new napkins to go with a new table cloth yesterday. Not very exciting, but better than not sewing!