Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Me-Made-May round up #1

I actually signed up to Me-Made-May a bit late (as in May 2nd).  Here is my round up of the first few days - I have said that I will wear Me-Mades for 3 days out every week as I still do not have enough variety of clothing to see me through a whole month everyday. Here goes:

May 2nd: Unblogged top made April 2013. Worn with jeans all day.  Action shot of me preparing lunchboxes/breakfast first thing in the morning (best of the bunch taken by Youngest)

 May 3rd: Burda Twister top.  This picture shows exactly why I have decided to give this top the chop - full on bra & cami strap display.  I don't feel comfortable wearing this top, although I received several compliments on it. Quite by chance one of my friends was wearing  RTW version that day too. Worn all day whilst preparing cakes and jars of jams and chutneys for out Primary School Cake and Jam sale in our local town. Also worn out for dinner that night.

May 4th;  Portfolio dress. Worn for shopping on Saturday morning and sneaky olive eating once home! Worn with RTW long sleeved T as it was not as warm as first appeared.

That's it so far. With the weather warming up I shall unpack my summer clothes and have a little more choice available. I have lots ideas for makes, just need to get on with making now...

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