Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Me-Made-May round up #4

I have been a little better this week at documenting stuff:

May 22nd:

Still  unblogged Burda top, worn with a skirt I bought in NZ. It was made by the sister of one of my friends. She was starting a business selling skirts, so I thought I would support her endeavors. The skirt is a little big now, so am thinking I might change it some how - maybe shorten it and /or straighten it and take the waist in.Worn all day, then to pub quiz in evening.

May 25th:
Still unblogged fleece Renfrew worn with in Pebble skirt (pre-blog).  The last time I wore this skirt was last Me-Made-May.  I was unsure about it then as it was too big and I didn't like the whole look of the ensemble I wore. However, since then I have washed the skirt (It is made out of upholstery fabric and had only been dry-cleaned. A bit of a pain for and everyday skirt) and it has shrunk slightly, both in the waist and the length - this is good so far, but I need to be careful in the future if it continues to shrink! Saturday shopping and last minute present buying for Husband's birthday.

May 26th:

Denim Portfolio dress. Worn to go to the Henry Moore Foundation for my Mother-in-law's birthday treat.  Lovely day although a little hot given that I had 2 layers on on underneath and had taken a merino cardi as well! (It had been hailing two days previous to this!)

The weather like last year, is not conducive to summer wear so quite a lot of my me-mades are still in the drawer under the bed waiting until the weather improves. I made a conscious effort to wear the skirts this week, as I felt looking at my previous round-ups that I was living in my jeans and getting a bit dull,What am I wearing today?... jeans and a top....

Only a few more days to go!


  1. Some groovy fabric in your skirts Tamsin. Looking good. Glad to see denim portfolio making it out too....

  2. ll three outfits. I am intrigued by a fleece renfrew and would like to know more! I am tempted by the idea of sewing renfrew in different fabrics than just plain old tee shirt jersey. I too am glad to see a denim portfolio :), as I have got one too.

  3. I love the portfolio dress, you're doing so well in MMM, I'm struggling now we're near the end and bore myself with what I've worn so daren't inflict it on others! Well done.

  4. I love the pebble print and It is amazing how you and all the other me maders manage to post so frequently. Hats off to you all!