Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Me-Made-May round up #3

I haven't done so well on documenting this last lot:

May 15th:
Dodgy neckline

New unblogged fleece Renfrew in Navy. I made the three quarter sleeves in an attempt to copy a RTW navy jumper that is slowly dying. It is not great, there is something wrong with the neck.  I think is is the top stitching for the neck band being a bit tight. Also the three quarter sleeves are not long enough - the top of the arm band seam hit just on my elbow and is just the wrong length, therefore somewhat annoying. Worn for everyday stuff, and then to pub quiz in the evening.

May 17th:

Refashioned dress worn for Husband's Grandmother's funeral.  We were told not to be too sombre, so I decided to finally get round to modifying this dress that I have had for some years:
Bought in late '90's, love the material, not the style anymore!

I shortened it and changed the neck. I may do a separate post on it. This is the only picture I have at the moment:
Lovely meal after funeral with Husbands cousins
I know I wore something else that week, but I have no idea what or when! (I think I may have missed something out from my previous round up and put the green Renfrew in the wrong round up  - Hey ho!)

I'm very glad I am not doing this every day - I'm really not sure I would be still going at this stage if I were....

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  1. Hope the dress turned out well, the meal looks very cheery!