Thursday, 16 May 2013

Me-Made-May round up #2

Here is the second installment of my Me-Made May round ups.  The weather is still pretty inclement and changeable which makes MMM a little tricky.  I realise that so far most of my me-made items are tops that I generally wear with jeans and because of the weather, most of them cannot be seen as I am swathed in cardi's to keep warm...

May 9th: Stripey Lydia top.  This is too big and a bit stretchy. I am am still considering the hack job I mentioned in my post about this top! I started off wearing it with a belt, as you can see in this picture. Unfortunately this made the bottom flare out in a rather unflattering way, so I ditched the belt part way though the day. Worn to have a hair cut, then spent the rest of the day emptying out the PTA cupboard at school, sorting everything out and then putting most of it back in again - but at least we now know what is in there and can get to it!

May 10th: Myimage cowl top.  Worn with my lovely new Fly shoes that give the appearance of being in heels but feel like they are flats - best of both worlds! A general being at home getting everything done kind of day.  I altered this top slightly after I had made my Renfrew last year.  When I made this I wasn't sure how to finish the hems so I just overlocked them. After making the Renfrew with it's hem bands, I thought I could used them to finish this off better. I found just enough jersey off cuts to make narrow bands for this top, which make it look better and stop the hems from rolling up.
May 13th: Autumnal Renfrew: Worn with jeans - again. Worn to my pattern making class and shown here with my daughter-made apron that Eldest made for me for Christmas.

Here's hoping the weather improves - the sun is out, lets hope it warms up too!


  1. Those are some nice tops! I hope the weather warms up for you too :)

  2. I love the colours of your tops, I must get myself the Renfrew pattern. I've just got some red Fly shoes too and they are soo comfy, kind of make up for the fact we have to wear jeans!

  3. Lovely tops - sortin g the PTA cupboard sounds kind of gruesome. :)