Tuesday, 13 May 2014

FO: Peasant style top

This was a very quick sew for me.

I used to have a very blousey voluminous rtw top, in a crinkly cheese cloth-y type of material. It was very old, had made it to New Zealand and back and was permentantly off white, so at the end of last summer I got rid of it.
a diner somerwhere in California wearing my old top, 2009

I have had New Look 6179 for years, bought to make a replacement for the above top.  All I needed was the fabric. I haven't seen cheese cloth for years, but when at Rachel's epic meet-up last year, I spied some on the swap table, which then made it home with me only to sit on my shelves for a year, waiting for some action.

I seem to be sewing with a vague mental 'plan'. A lot of my rtw clothing is way past it's best, so I am hoping to recreate my favourite things in someway hence the making of this top. I have also taken a pattern from my favourite summer skirt, with the hopes of making something similar.  I am really hoping that works, even though I haven' quite enough fabric ..... but I have a plan!

Any way, back to the shirt. It is a simple pullover the head top with long raglan sleeves. I made view B minus the lace additions.  I made size 10 which is the smallest size I think, as the amount of ease seemed huge (in the region of 9inches). My old top was a fraction too voluminous, however I may have gone too far the other way with this one. The instructions suggested french seaming, but I wanted to be lazy so thought it would be easier to use my over locker. 

Silly me... I spent a whole evening trying to rethread in white and broke another needle.  I realised the fix I had done recently may only be a temporary one. I think if I check it over every time I use it, I'll be fine, but it might have to be serviced.

The top is supposed to have elastic in the neck and the cuffs, but I didn't want elastic around my neck. My old top had the body gathered into binding around the neck, so I made, rather inexpertly, some bias binding from the blouse fabric. It could have done with being 5mm wider, but it did the job.  If I make another one, I may bring the neckline up a little as it seems very wide. I decided to leave the sleeves with elastic in so that they would stay up when I push my sleeves up in the kitchen.

Eldest suggested using shirring on the sleeves instead, which I was quite taken with, but may try that on another version.

I followed the instructions for the opening at the neck, but because the fabric is pretty sheer, the facing was very obvious when turned to the right side. I didn't like the look of that so trimmed it down substantially - you can till see it, but is it not so bad. (Didn't take a pic before I trimmed it)
bias binding and the trimmed neck facing
I used some fine cord and a spare button for the fastening.
I wore it the other day but didn't manage to get  picture taken. Hopefully the weather will improve enough that I can wear it during Me-Made-May! I had hoped to enter it in Made By Rae's Spring top Sewalong, but even though it was ready I didn't get round to posting it.

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  1. Well done ! I think it's great that you've recreated something to replace a RTW favorite. Nice work. Seriously I was struggling to tell them apart! I guess fabric choice was the key launch pad!