Sunday, 25 May 2014

MMMay14 round up week 3

Having covered 2 weeks and 2 days in the last round up, here I am with week three. I have been pretty poor at taking pictures this week, so here goes:

(My pledge was 5 me-made items a week for the month of May)

Day 13 - 17th May
Polka dot Anna, worn to Rachel's fantastic #NYLon14 meetup in London. There are photos available on Flickr taken by Kitty Wong.

Day 14 - 18th May
Turquoise blouse - no photo to day

Day 15 - 19th May
Turquoise blouse - worn to my pattern cutting class so that my teacher could advise me on fit.  It is still one of my favouirte summer tops, but I have noticed that the bust dart is too high, it pulls across the back just below the collar and I have excess fabric in the upper chest. She suggested using my block and transposing the style lines on the block, then toile-ing it up, which I may try and do during the summer.

Day 16 - 21st May
Jasmine blouse - First time I have worn this this year.  Last year I noted that the sleeve band was too tight, and uncharacteristically dealt with it  by taking them off and resewing them with teeny tiny seam allowances to make them as big as they will go. However they are still too tight and I am probably going to take them off all together.
tucked - this is how I wore it after seeing the picture below!


Day 17 - 22nd May
Stripey Lydia - no photo today (I seem to wear this every Thursday!)

Day 18 - 23rd May
Autumnal Renfrew - no photo today

Day 19 - 24th May
Geometric refashion - no photo today

Day 20 - 25th May
Cowl top that I made for Eldest. The neckline was a bit low for her even with a vest top underneath. She hardly ever wore it and said that I could have it. Yay!

Still doing pretty well at wearing me-made. I think the only day I didn't wear me-made was Tuesday - I woke up full of cold and just put on the first things that came to hand. I haven't even managed to post of the flickr pool or the pinterest board during the week - I have just done that today.

It is the last week next week, which will involve a couple of nights away and Husbands birthday - nearly done!


  1. I like all your makes, they look pretty but wearable and versatile too x

  2. I loved the Anna you were wearing last Saturday - such a good choice of fabric that really complimented your skin tone and was a good contrast to your fab hair colour!