Friday, 16 May 2014

MMAY14 round up

I have just realised that I haven't done a round up of my MMMay so far yet.  I have just about managed to post to Flickr and Pinterest. I have realised that I am not wearing anything me-made today and have therefore missed the Friday Theme - nevermind!

My pledge was to wear 5 me-mades/refashions a week so here goes:

Day 1 - 1st May
Stripey Lydia top

Day 2 - 2nd May
Autumnal Renfrew

Day 3 - 3rd May
Beige self-drafted dress

Day 4 - 4th May
no photo today, but I wore my Granny Lola

Day 5 - 5th May
Magpie Burda top

Day 6 - 8th May
Stripey Lydia top, again

Day 7 - 9th May
Magpie Burda top
Checked for Friday Theme part way through the day and found this painting - it may look familiar to those who read Didyoumakethat's review of Tilly's new book!

Day 8 - 10th May
Double Me-Made: blue cowl top and Ikea Simplicity 2451

Day 9 - 11th May
No photo today, but I wore my Autmnal Refrew

Day 10 - 12th May
No photo on the day again, but I wore my newly made Peasant top

Day 12 - 14th
Peasant top again!

So... Doing pretty well so far.  The weather is a real mixture at the moment which is not helping, but the last two MMM's that I did were too, so I should be more prepared!  The last two days the sun has been out and I have been in the allotment or garden for most of them in scruffy practical stuff that is not me made.

I am off to Rachel's NYLon14 meet up tomorrow and I am hoping that it will be warm enough to wear my new Anna dress.

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  1. Wow, you've got quite a wardrobe there! It was lovely meeting you today!