Tuesday, 29 June 2010

To Blog or not to Blog....

I decided to try and get back into sewing after a break of a few years. I happened to spot some interesting material in the window of the second hand shop at the end of our street. It turned out to to be a curtain, from, I'm guessing, the 1970's. The pattern was a bit bigger than I had anticipated, but I decided for $5 NZ I could practice my sewing skills and if whatever I made turned out 'badly' then it wouldn't be huge disaster.

I chose the Burdastyle Marie as it is opposite of the type of skirt I would normally chose! Now it is finished, I am still not sure about the style. I found it too ‘poofy’ both front and back, but toned it down by stitching down the rear pleats.

I cut out a size 42, as that was the size indicated by my measurements, but ended up taking it in considerably on either side, and my husband would still say it is too big. I thought the instructions weren’t super helpful, but found a great sew-along-tutorial on One Pearl Button.

I am quietly pleased with this and have worn it out and about already. I have found, as others have, that it is quite hard to walk in, so I think if I were to make it again I would use a plain fabric, use a smaller size and make it shorter.