Sunday, 29 June 2014

Spring Sewing Swap 2014

Kerrie of KestrelMakes has organized a sewing swap for the last couple of years and when I saw her post about this years swap I decided to sign up. 

My parcel is ready to go and I am hoping it will get there on time!

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

MMMay 14 final round up

Here is my last round up for Me-Made-May 14. I was marginally better at taking photos this week.  We were away for a few days, but that didn't impact on my clothing choices at all.

Day 21 - 27th May
Blue Cowl top - No photo today

Day 22 - 28th May
White Peasant top

Today was Husband's birthday during which he wore the shirt I made for him at Christmas

I also made him this cake:

lemon ombre cake

Day 23 - 29th May
Autumnal Renfrew - no photo again

Day 24 - 30th May
Magpie top

Today was the Flickr theme Friday. I didn't get a picture of me with my stash, but I did take the opportunity to sort through most of my stash.  I have measured each piece, labeled it and organised by type of fabric (knit, woven, lining) and sort of  by colour with in the fabric group. I laid it all out on the floor and took a picture:

I really need to get sewing - most of these pieces were bought with a plan in mind, I just need to stop procrastinating!

Day 25 - 31st May
Geometric refashion

I set myself the target of wearing 5 me-made items a week thorughout May. I have (I think) worn me-made for 6 days each week, which shows that I am pretty good at wearing my stuff day to day.

There were several days where I repeated items and several makes that haven't seen the light of day yet - mostly due to the weather. One item that I haven't worn at all which surprised me, was my Denim Portfolio dress as that has been worn a lot in the last two MMMays.

I make a lot of tops, which is great as I live in jeans and tops, but I also want to make some more 'bottoms'. I have a pair of trousers cut out, drafted from my block that I have made at my Pattern Cutting class and I have a skirt waiting for the hem to be finished. Several of my stash pieces were bought for skirts/trousers in mind - I just need to get cracking!

Many thanks again to Zoe who has organised these Me-Made months for the last few years. I managed to post to the Flickr page and Pinterest board this year - which has resulted in finding yet more blogs to read!

Month in review: