Thursday, 11 October 2012

W.I.P and a F.O (but not mine!)

I need new tops for the coming cooler/colder seasons.  Instead of making something practical, my head has been turned by this top made from a pattern put on Burdastyle by Apfelbleute. As it happens a friend of mine has a very similar RTW top, which she kindly lent me for comparision:

RTW top with Burda picture on top
I thought this would be a quick make (silly me).  I had it cut out quickly,

basted it together and found the neckline was restricting and uncomfortable. I pondered this for some time, mostly by crumpling it up on the back of my sewing chair.  I took another look the other day, drew on another neckline with chalk, shoved in an extra piece to stop it falling off my shoulder,  serged  along the line, folded under the serged edge and sewed it down with a zigzag stitch.  I currently just have the hems of the sleeves finish in the same way... watch this space.
The fabric is from my Fabric Fandango haul, only a year and a bit in the stash. I was going to make a replacement for a RTW top, but had never got round to it, as is my wont.

The finished object is by Middlest Daughter.  We cut out a skirt pattern for her a few months ago and it sat ready to sew for ages.  At the beginning of the summer holidays, we had girls day of making with my M-i-L. Grandma helped Middlest with the majority of the skirt and the day ended with just the zip and the facing to finish.  Not much time was had for sewing over the holidays, and when she wanted to sew it was not a a good time for me, and when I was ready to help she didn't want me to. So a couple of weekends ago, our inclinations both came together at the same time and we got the skirt finished.  I was slightly concerned that she would have grown out of it by the time we finished.  It is rather short, and will need leggings under it if she wants to get any wear out of it before she does grow out of it. She is, understandabley, very pleased with herself!
happy face!

zip, top stitching and basting