About Me

This blog started in 2010, whilst my family and I were having an adventure in New Zealand. We were living in a very rural area, and with the kids and Husband at school all day, I felt I could spend a bit of time doing something for me.  I have sewn off and on since my teens, when I made most of my clothes. Most of my Sixth Form wardrobe was me-made, but it was still a bit uncool, so I didn't shout about it, and didn't make the most of my skills for some years.

In NZ there was a second hand shop at the bottom of our road that was only open from 3pm 'till 6pm on a Friday afternoon. I saw what appeared to be an interestingly patterned piece of fabric in the window. By the time I actually went in there and looked at it, I thought I would get it whatever it looked like!  It turned out to be huge 1 1/2 width curtain in a very Seventies style print. Best of all, it was $5 NZ.  I made a skirt and a bag from this and still have a reasonable length left, and this was how my interest in sewing was reignited.
The skirt that stared it all!

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