Friday, 29 June 2012

FO: Stripey skirt, Simplicity 5564

AKA my 'homage' to Melizza's stripey Ginger.
Well, I started this skirt at the beginning of May, with high hopes that I would get it finished before the end of May, and be able to wear it for MMM12.  However, lack of interfacing, getting distracted by a Lydia top and finishing my Burda trousers and life in general, prevented this from happening.

As mentioned in my previous post,  I used a now out of print pattern (Simplicity 5564),

with the addition of pockets (from Simplicity 2451) a bit of fiddling and some ricrac(!).

I was debating whether to line it or not - I decided against it in the end, although if I want to extend its seasonal wear I'll have to make a slip.  I wore it for the first time on Saturday, with flesh colour fishnets (which I hope look better than they sound!) and even with these, my skirt was creeping up my legs.

So on to the photos:

An approximation of how I wore it on Saturday:

How I wore it the other day, shopping and school sports day:

Another combination:

Some details, the pockets and waistband:

the invisible zip:

matching stripes:

I love this skirt! I made it on a whim, and it is everything I wanted it to be, practical, comfortable (apart from the hook 'n' eye that needs to be reattached somehow) and stripey. Plus it will go with a number of my RTW tops.  Thanks for for the inspriation Melizza!

Monday, 11 June 2012

FO's: Burda Trousers #105 11/2011 & Burdastyle Lydia top

I have 2 finshed items to show you.  Well, nearly finished... in that the trousers need a hook & eye, and the top may need a complete overhaul, but other than that....

Firstly the trousers.  I started these in the spring term of my sewing class, had major size issues, welt pockets, and invisible zips.  The fabric was super tricky to work with and frayed like crazy.  I think I may have cut down the size too much, certainly in the waist, and because it frayed sooooo much I thinks the legs might be a bit too slim. Also, one leg seems shorter despite my instructor very carefully doing the length for me.

  And now with an attempt at 'styling' them:

These last 2 pictures are the best views I could get. If I could spend all day standing holding on the the door knob, gazing whistfully of the window, I'm sure the trousers would look lovely!

Secondly, the Lydia top from Burdastyle.  I cut this according to my size on the chart, but, (and this I something need to remember for Burda) it is much too big.  It is a sloppy top, as opposed to a tight (form fitting top?), which is not what I was after.  The fabric was £1 a metre from my sewing teacher.  She has been selling off a collegue's stash after the collegue died and raised nearly £1000 for a local hospice.  I don't know the fibre content, but is very stretchy and I didn't really take this into account when I made the top.  I also forgot other sewists comments that it runs big, so should have made it a couple of sizes smaller.  Here it is as it fits at the moment.  I think it is ok to go under something (I wore it under a bright red deliberately oversized cowl sweater the other day) but when I got hot and took the sweater off, I suddenly felt enormous. It will be altered some how in the not too distant future - whether it will be hack-job or a careful reconstruction, I don't know yet!
front view showing strange folds of fabric over my bust
Possible sway back alteration required?
showing width of top
Pulling the top in for a better fit
Coming up, two nearly finished projects, both waiting for hems!

Monday, 4 June 2012

MMM12 week 3 and rest of May round up

Here is the rest of my MMM12.  I kept up with wearing my 3 days of MMM a week, but got worse throughout the month at taking photo's.  These are the ones that I managed to take:

Sunday 13th May:
Middlest getting into the swing of MMM by fashioning a skirt from rhubarb leaves and string!

Monday 14th May
Me-Made blouse/top thing,
H&M longsleeved T
This top was made pre-blog, from a dress that I loved, but didn't wear any more.  I used a pattern Simplicity 5195, which I think is OOP. I made view D, the green one with ties at the shoulder.

Again far to cold to wear on it's own, hence the long sleeved top underneath. I'm not sure I'm a fan of this layered type of look on me, but I am using this month to try slightly different things on the odd occasion!

Wednesday 16th May

Me-Made Portfolio Dress
MerinoMink Cardi
Leopard print tights
I am getting a lot of wear out of my Portfolio dress this May.  I think I am going to have to either line the front of the dress or make a mini slip as it walks up my legs whatever I wear it with, which was driving me mad....Worn to my sewing class and lunch with Sister.

Saturday 19th May

Me-Made Portfolio - again
Leopard tights again
Blue curly collar cardi
worn to a friends school fete, where unbelievably, we saw the sun for quite a lot of the afternoon - it was certainly warm enough to remove my cardi whilst outdoors!

Tuesday 22nd May

 Me-Made Sorbetto
Johnny Q jeans

Saturday 26th May
Me-Made Newlook 6895
Kew denim skirt

Worn to Ickworth House for Husband's birthday day out.  This is the first outing this top has had and I love it! It just needs something to hold the ol' bra straps  out of sight - the neckline is very wide.

Sunday 27th May

Me-Made geometric refashion
Denim skirt originally from Monsoon,

The skirt was bought from local charity shop years ago. It has been my favourite summer skirt for some years and it going to need replacing soon... Worn pottering about the garden, weeding and drinking Pimms!

Monday 28th May

Same outfit as yesterday, toasting Husband's birthday!Slightly different weather...

Wednesday 30th May

No photographic evidence of this one, but I was wearing my Turquoise Top:

The End!