Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Me-Made-May round up #4

I have been a little better this week at documenting stuff:

May 22nd:

Still  unblogged Burda top, worn with a skirt I bought in NZ. It was made by the sister of one of my friends. She was starting a business selling skirts, so I thought I would support her endeavors. The skirt is a little big now, so am thinking I might change it some how - maybe shorten it and /or straighten it and take the waist in.Worn all day, then to pub quiz in evening.

May 25th:
Still unblogged fleece Renfrew worn with in Pebble skirt (pre-blog).  The last time I wore this skirt was last Me-Made-May.  I was unsure about it then as it was too big and I didn't like the whole look of the ensemble I wore. However, since then I have washed the skirt (It is made out of upholstery fabric and had only been dry-cleaned. A bit of a pain for and everyday skirt) and it has shrunk slightly, both in the waist and the length - this is good so far, but I need to be careful in the future if it continues to shrink! Saturday shopping and last minute present buying for Husband's birthday.

May 26th:

Denim Portfolio dress. Worn to go to the Henry Moore Foundation for my Mother-in-law's birthday treat.  Lovely day although a little hot given that I had 2 layers on on underneath and had taken a merino cardi as well! (It had been hailing two days previous to this!)

The weather like last year, is not conducive to summer wear so quite a lot of my me-mades are still in the drawer under the bed waiting until the weather improves. I made a conscious effort to wear the skirts this week, as I felt looking at my previous round-ups that I was living in my jeans and getting a bit dull,What am I wearing today?... jeans and a top....

Only a few more days to go!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Me-Made-May round up #3

I haven't done so well on documenting this last lot:

May 15th:
Dodgy neckline

New unblogged fleece Renfrew in Navy. I made the three quarter sleeves in an attempt to copy a RTW navy jumper that is slowly dying. It is not great, there is something wrong with the neck.  I think is is the top stitching for the neck band being a bit tight. Also the three quarter sleeves are not long enough - the top of the arm band seam hit just on my elbow and is just the wrong length, therefore somewhat annoying. Worn for everyday stuff, and then to pub quiz in the evening.

May 17th:

Refashioned dress worn for Husband's Grandmother's funeral.  We were told not to be too sombre, so I decided to finally get round to modifying this dress that I have had for some years:
Bought in late '90's, love the material, not the style anymore!

I shortened it and changed the neck. I may do a separate post on it. This is the only picture I have at the moment:
Lovely meal after funeral with Husbands cousins
I know I wore something else that week, but I have no idea what or when! (I think I may have missed something out from my previous round up and put the green Renfrew in the wrong round up  - Hey ho!)

I'm very glad I am not doing this every day - I'm really not sure I would be still going at this stage if I were....

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Me-Made-May round up #2

Here is the second installment of my Me-Made May round ups.  The weather is still pretty inclement and changeable which makes MMM a little tricky.  I realise that so far most of my me-made items are tops that I generally wear with jeans and because of the weather, most of them cannot be seen as I am swathed in cardi's to keep warm...

May 9th: Stripey Lydia top.  This is too big and a bit stretchy. I am am still considering the hack job I mentioned in my post about this top! I started off wearing it with a belt, as you can see in this picture. Unfortunately this made the bottom flare out in a rather unflattering way, so I ditched the belt part way though the day. Worn to have a hair cut, then spent the rest of the day emptying out the PTA cupboard at school, sorting everything out and then putting most of it back in again - but at least we now know what is in there and can get to it!

May 10th: Myimage cowl top.  Worn with my lovely new Fly shoes that give the appearance of being in heels but feel like they are flats - best of both worlds! A general being at home getting everything done kind of day.  I altered this top slightly after I had made my Renfrew last year.  When I made this I wasn't sure how to finish the hems so I just overlocked them. After making the Renfrew with it's hem bands, I thought I could used them to finish this off better. I found just enough jersey off cuts to make narrow bands for this top, which make it look better and stop the hems from rolling up.
May 13th: Autumnal Renfrew: Worn with jeans - again. Worn to my pattern making class and shown here with my daughter-made apron that Eldest made for me for Christmas.

Here's hoping the weather improves - the sun is out, lets hope it warms up too!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Me-Made-May round up #1

I actually signed up to Me-Made-May a bit late (as in May 2nd).  Here is my round up of the first few days - I have said that I will wear Me-Mades for 3 days out every week as I still do not have enough variety of clothing to see me through a whole month everyday. Here goes:

May 2nd: Unblogged top made April 2013. Worn with jeans all day.  Action shot of me preparing lunchboxes/breakfast first thing in the morning (best of the bunch taken by Youngest)

 May 3rd: Burda Twister top.  This picture shows exactly why I have decided to give this top the chop - full on bra & cami strap display.  I don't feel comfortable wearing this top, although I received several compliments on it. Quite by chance one of my friends was wearing  RTW version that day too. Worn all day whilst preparing cakes and jars of jams and chutneys for out Primary School Cake and Jam sale in our local town. Also worn out for dinner that night.

May 4th;  Portfolio dress. Worn for shopping on Saturday morning and sneaky olive eating once home! Worn with RTW long sleeved T as it was not as warm as first appeared.

That's it so far. With the weather warming up I shall unpack my summer clothes and have a little more choice available. I have lots ideas for makes, just need to get on with making now...

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Me-Made-May 2013.... I'm in

Finally got round to posting my pledge today, only 2 days late and wearing me-made whilst I do it:


I, TamsinWP of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '13. I endeavour to wear an item of me-made or me-refashioned clothing at least three times a week for the duration of May 2013'

I am not going to post every day I wear my me-mades, but will do a weekly round up and try and get involved with the MMM13 flickr group this time round.

I hope it's OK stepping in at this point. I had meant to do it last weekend .... I also hope that weather is improved from last year - I seem to remember being quite cold last May!