Friday, 17 June 2016

Me-Made-May16 weeks 4 and 5

We are half way through June and I realise that I haven't recapped the last few days of May, so here we go:

The Minoru jacket, Blue Bronte top (far right) and the tunic dress Youngest is wearing, are all currently unblogged. Everything else I have linked to in previous MMM16 posts, so won't repeat myself.

I enjoyed the photo process much more this year. Most days I enlisted Youngest to take a picture just as we left the house for school. I like the door as a background, the light is good at that time of day and I am not too squinty if it is bright. I think my pictures are much better if someone else takes them, but I need to do something other than stand still, as all the pictures Youngest took look the same!As someone who isn't super keen on having my photo taken, it felt really strange to leave the house and not take a photo at the end of the month.

My bottom half clothing was greatly improved by having 2 pairs of Hudsons and my Ginger jeans, but I am planning on making more of both at some point.

I really enjoyed seeing everyone else on Instagram and now my feedly list of blogs to read has increased again. I did do Flickr a bit but kept forgetting to upload my photos after a while.

Once again, thank you Zoe of SoZo... for organising and bring on MMM17!