Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Busy, busy and lazy days

Well, new blog and only one post so far. I have been sewing and baking, ski-ing and lazing. I have become immersed in the world of sewing blogs and have spent most of my 'free' time reading other people's blogs, marvelling at the creativity of others, and becoming a bit overwhelmed by what I feel I should write about.

Since my first post I have:
  • made a bag
  • researched simple fabric flowers for primary school project
  • refashioned a dress for the Mackenzie Frock Stars competition
  • done lots of baking to keep the troops going whilst doing
  • lots of ski-ing
  • bought some material for me and for the project for the primary school
  • picked up some samples of material for potential future sewing projects
First off - the bag:

This was made out of the same material as my Curtain Skirt (see previous post). I have shown both sides of the bag as the pattern is different for each. I have used the free Estelle pattern from the Burdastyle website. I found this very easy to put together, although it took me a few days, as I was fitting it in around other things. It is lined with a toning 100% polyester lining material:
I added some extra top stitching to the band around the bag and also to the handle straps. I think this bag turned out well and I have had several compliments about it. My youngest daughter is convinced that it is hers and at best I can share it with her!

Rather than make this a hugely long post, I shall tackle the fabric flowers in my next post.

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