Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Guest post: Slumpy Hat Crochet

This is a guest post by Husband.

Random crocheting continues.  I decided that I needed to move on from crap nets and (steadily improving) slippers.  I still have endless problems with counting rows, rounds increasing mysteriously by one stich and joins that look nearer to the San Andreas fault than a neat row of stitches.  Ah well.

So, I thought "Beanie for me", did my usual thorough research on crochet patterns and with my usual precision found myself making a, er, Marguerite Beret.  To be honest, I might have been influenced my Grandmother churning out slouchy hats for Daughters and the lovely looking triangular stitches.  Anyway, tongue clamped firmly between my teeth I was soon twisting and turning the hook trying to work out "what the hell was a Marguerite stitch anyway?".

I slavishly followed the pattern with the usual disregard for common sense (I never have any idea what these things are going to look like).  I had to return to the shop for wool (there is about £15 of wool in this hat!) since I had initially bought the wool for some slippers for Wife and not to make a giant hat.

All seemed to go swimmingly, although it did seem to be a little elongated.  I couldn't tell if this was by design or incompetence.  I had the usual issues with joining and counting.

The hat should have looked like this (note how flat it is at the top, I did not realise this until comparing the hats):
How it should be!

This view is the best :)
I produced this:

For novelty value it scores highly, but I think when I can find the will I will be pulling it apart and trying again.  I think in the outdoor pictures Eldest is wearing it inside out, but there was certainly no sign of the beautiful triangles either way around, and it can make people look like a very silly bishop (see below).

Slightly self conscious
Not convinced this looks cool!
This look is not so bad

I guess I will just keep trying when the whim takes me, but I am not convinced I will crack this. Eldest much prefers the hair down look, though you see people with hair up in the hat a far bit.  Maybe they have dreadlocks?

I found some earlier photos where it looks better, but still can't for the life of me work out why it has the crazy point?

The mad bishop look


  1. I think you've to be congratulated for such a versatile style- so many looks with one hat!! Seriously, the triangle pattern's lovely but I also find with crochet that I'm not very good at 1. Being able to count stitches to check I've got the right number, especially in a round like a beret. And 2. Knowing where the new row starts. This is related to 1. And could be helped by a stitch marker ( like knitters use) as at least then my crocheting won't swell outwards as the rows increase. No idea if this is at all what happens to you. Just my own diagnosis of where my shapes go awry!