Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Leopard Print

A little peek at what I'm working on.

Eldest chose the fabric from one of M Rosenberg fabric sales at Trumpington village hall. She didn't know what she wanted - she just liked the fabric.  I suggested a loose tunic-y type top and she seemed happy with that so I decided on the Burdastyle Anda pattern, mainly becuase I already had the pattern printed out.

I realised that the smallest size was much too big for Eldest, so had a fair crack at grading the pattern down a couple of sizes. It is a very simple pattern, I'm not sure I'd tackle anything more complicated!  I think I went down to a 34 or 32.

The pattern pieces were super long, and as we were thinking of a tunic, I must have cut off over 30cm off the pattern piece.  When it came to laying out, I realised that this shortening of the dress/tunic left me with just enough to make a top for me - yay!


I have gone for a Colette patterns Sorbetto, it's free and it fitted on the piece of fabric. Having made a couple of Sorbetto's last year, I decided to lower the bust point by about 2cms. I have inverted the pleat, just for a something a bit different.  I have bought some golden lace trim to possibley go around the neck, but I think less is more on this particular print! I have finished this and was planning to wear this at New Year. When I put it on, however, I felt that it made me look somewhat matronly - When I finish the tunic I will take some pictures of both tops and you can let me know what you think!
I started these both before New Year, but still have a lot to do on the tunic so hope that it will qualify for  Pretty Grievances Jungle January

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  1. Looking forward to seeing how the tops comp-are! Go team tunic!