Saturday, 23 August 2014

On my sewing table ...

Sewing has been achieved this summer, but blogging not so much. I have several draft posts waiting to be finished, but life has a habit of putting a spanner in the works and it is safe to say that this summer has, for our family, been awful.

However, sewing is my way of switching off and I need to revitalise my wardrobe. 

On my sewing table I currently have an autumnal shirt (although I don't think I'm done with summer sewing yet). I think the shirt will be recognisable - I just need to decide which elbow patch to choose...

The sleeves are in green and greyish  horizontal stripe. One sleeve has a lime green patch and the other has the sleeve fabric with the stripe going vertically.

The family have given me their views  - what do you think?


  1. Definitely the green. Love the pop of colour!

  2. Yes I'd say green as well! No point in having patches if you can't see them!

  3. Team green! You need those suckers to pop!

  4. Another vote for green! It's lovely and bright.

  5. Lime green for me. The other is nice too but the green's got something.

    Sorry to hear you've had a rough time. I hope it gets better soon.