Thursday, 19 March 2015

FO: Christmas Shirt for Husband - number 4

More unselfish sewing... I made Husband another shirt for Christmas 2014 using the same pattern as I have used before (McCalls 6044). 

He had asked for a shirt that was plain or at least a bit more 'everyday' than some of his others. He feels that a couple are a bit flamboyant and therefore need an occasion to be worn.  Well, I have a couple of plain fabrics would be suitable but when I was at Goldhawk Road last November (for the Lauren Lladybird meet-up) I found a lovely striped fabric that I thought would go with a couple of Husband's sweaters, in a teal/turquoise colour. I think is it 100% cotton and is lovely and soft. There were a couple of other colours too, but this one just 'spoke' to me.

I used the same pattern, in the smaller size and even remembered to use Carolyn's tutorial for flat felling the sleeve seam this time.

I tried to do it last time but trimmed the wrong bit of the seam allowance so they ended up being faux felled seams! My only quibble with this one is that the buttonholes are not as good as I would have liked, but we sewists like to point out the bad points don't we?!

Husband has worn this a lot but I have only just managed to get any pictures:
happy Husband!

Catalogue man?


  1. It looks great, the fabric is lovely and the fit looks very good too. Nice work there.
    I read the title of your post very quickly at first and thought you had made a shirt for husband number 4 - Crikey. One is enough!! he he

  2. Ohhh, those flat felled seams look tops! You're such a gem to be making your chap shirts- I am not there yet :D

  3. Love that fabric, you are much nicer than me to make husband shirts. The details look great. I laughed at your post title as it read as if you are on husband number four! I'm guessing it's shirt number four??x

  4. Hhhahaa! I hadn't thought about misreading the title - Definately shirt number 4 NOT husband number 4!