Thursday, 28 April 2016

FO: Thestral outfit for World Book Day

Youngest decided to dress up as a Thestral from Harry Potter for World Book day this year.  Her sisters suggested that she just not turn up to school as people can only see Thestrals if they have come to terms with death and therefore no-one in her class would be able to see her!

We decided that she could wear all black and if possible get some black 'fairy' wings and mask. I wasn't expecting to find either, it not being Halloween, but our local party shop had wings, headband with ears and a mask - result.  We both felt that she needed at little skirt to cover her bottom as the only black trousers she had were leggings which she normal wears under dresses and skirts.

I had a scrap of black cotton lycra left over from this project, which was just enough to eek out a little skater style skirt. I used the pattern I drew up for Middlest's skirt, but had to reduce the swing of the skirt due to lack of fabric. I finished the hem using my new rolled hem foot that I got in a set of sewing machine feet for Christmas.  It worked really well and I got a nice wavy finish which Youngest really likes.

The waist band was 1" elastic as I had run out of the 2" and I think it would have looked too big on her.

We used the same skirt as part of her outfit as a wood sprite in a new Opera that was staged at our local music venue. Children in the upper years of the local primary schools were all part of the chorus scenes, while drama students of the secondary school where the venue is based, were most of the rest of the characters, with 3 professional opera singers as the main characters.

showing off her 'wafty' moves as a wood sprite

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