Sunday, 6 November 2016

FO: Sewing friends and fabric shopping in NYC

Anyone who follows me on IG may have noticed that my family and I went on a pretty epic holiday this summer, travelling up the east coast of America from Orlando to Richmond VA, Washington DC, New York, Boston and ending in Maine.  This the story of how a recent make came to be....

When flying from Orlando to Washington DC to get to Richmond, my suitcase some how didn't get onto our plane. I was extremely upset by this, not least because I had most of my favourite me made items of clothing in it as well as my tamoxifen medication.  Cue lots of phone calls made by lovely Husband and I finally get my slightly battered suitcase delivered to the house we were staying at 2 days later.  In the meantime, our friends had taken me to Target in order to get a couple of changes of clothes. One of the things I tried on was a chambray shirtdress:

I didn't get it because, as ever with rtw it didn't fit quite right, but I really liked the idea of the style of dress.

Spin forwards a couple of weeks and we are in New York where we met up with Jennifer Weise of Workroom Social. She and I had met a couple years ago at NYLon14and got on quite well, so I got in touch to see if she would like to meet up for a coffee or something. The 'or something' turned out to be a brief visit to the Workroom Social Studio,

a lovely tour of Brooklyn and lunch at Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain ending up at Brooklyn Bridge so that we could walk back in to Manhattan. On our tour Jennifer took us to Brooklyn General Store

which had a great selection of knitting, sewing and crafting supplies.  Much of the fabric there was not what I was looking for, but they did have a good selection of denims, unfortunately not one light enough for a shirtdress. We had a wonderful time with Jennifer, who very generously gave us her whole afternoon to show us around an area of New York that we knew nothing about and probably wouldn't have gone to if we hadn't met up with her.

A few days later, our last full day in New York coincided with MPB Day organised by Peter Lappin of the Male Pattern Boldness blog.

It was reaaalllly hot and humid.
Everyone met at the  FIT museum to see an exhibition called Uniformity.
The exhibition was small but extremely interesting reflecting on how uniforms and fashion influence each other.

My family accompanied me for this bit, then went and did their own thing for the rest of the day (which mainly involved spending time in air conditioned refreshment places and drooling over KitchenAid accessories in Macy's!).

The rest us of had lunch at a nearby Panera where there was lots of sewing chat and a pattern swap.  I picked up a Vogue pattern. After lunch we split into 2 groups one lead by Peter and the other group, led by Tomasa, was going to Mood fabrics amongst others.
I really really wanted to go to Mood so I stuck with this group. I think we went to Pacific Trim and another trimming shop then we got to Mood.  I did my usual dither around feeling a bit overwhelmed by the choice, then gave myself a talking to and looked for specific fabric including some chambray for a shirt dress. They had three chambray's of the right weight for a dress, but only one in the right colour, so that was easy.  It felt a bit stiff, but I was assured that it would soften up with washing, and it has a bit.  I also bought some white Swiss dot cotton for a summer shirt and some white burn out jersey.

 I had a great time being shepherded around the Garment District by these ladies
Anne, Mary, Kyle, Tomasa and Rhode
 At the end of the day we all met up again in Bryant Park, where we all showed off our purchases
Me and Peter
The haul

The fabric had to wait a couple of weeks until we got home, before it met with my washing machine, then I had to decide which pattern to use...

The dress itself will be in my next post.

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  1. It looks like you had an amazing time. I didn't realise you were in the States this summer - since quitting IG earlier in the year I have missed out on a few friends updates x
    I'm looking forward to seeing your shirt-dress!