Thursday, 16 September 2010

Two Blues

Having refashioned a couple of tops into a top for my Eldest, (blogged here), Middle daughter started to angle for a top as well. I was left with a dark blue body and pale blue sleeves and various scraps of the pale blue, so I got to work. I have not got an overlocker/serger so I have stitched both of these tops on a smallish zigzag to keep a bit of stretch in the fabric. I didn't want to have the same decoration on the top as Eldest's, so I had a look at some of Middle's tops for ideas. One that she wears alot had some flower motifs in a reverse applique style so I thought I would give that a try. I experimented with a couple of scraps and liked the effect, so on with the top...

I forgot to take pictures of the different stages, but here are a couple of the finished item..
After I had finished the flowers I found a tutorial for reverse applique here.

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