Thursday, 1 September 2011

Squash nets

OR, Husband gets crafty:

Whilst wandering through the green houses on a recent trip to the National Trust property Attingham Park, Husband and I stumbled across these (blue melon nets):

What an interesting idea we both thought, and wandered off.

Back home, we discover that some of our squash plants are starting to bear fruit. We are growing our squash up some empty trellising this year. One fruit in particular was looking quite heavy, so was supported with an old bra(!) This was not aesthetically pleasing and our thoughts went back to the melon nets we had seen previously. Close inspection of our photograph suggested these had been crocheted. Husband made an idle comment one day, to be followed by a trip to the local craft shop in town (crochet hook) and the library (crochet book) by me.

Some wrestling with string ensued, the air was a pale shade of blue (due to presence of kids) and now we have this:

A second net has been made, ready for the next fruit to get big enough, but the crafty crocheting did not end there.....

The book I got from the library has all sorts of interesting things in it, amongst which are Turkish style slippers. Eldest is in serious need of slippers and was complaining of particularly cold feet, so Husband has tackled the instructions for these and pretty much finished them. I suspect that that will be the end of crochet career, but it was fun while it lasted!
Since starting this post, the slippers have been finished and worn upstairs to bed by Eldest. Latest comment from husband along the lines of 'maybe [he] should make them each a pair for Christmas'

Edited 2.9.11

The finished articles
I just wanted to say that Attingham Park has an amazing exhibition called House of Beasts, which is on until July 2012. Very interesting modern art along side traditional Regency furnishings - beautiful and well worth a visit if you happen to be in that neck of the woods.


  1. Now first What a fabulously creative and tenacious husband. But what really amused me is the thought of using an old bra to support your squash! I would grow squash just to elicit a laugh every time I went in the garden!!

  2. I need to show Mr.Dibs this post. It really is so strange to see you actually holding the hooks and crocheting. Well done. Tamsin, the bra as a support had me in stitches.