Thursday, 9 February 2012

Geometric jersey

 Also on my sewing table recently, has been a top for Eldest. Some time ago (probably this time last year), she saw a leopard print top the she liked, but wasn't available in her size.  She then saw some leopard print jersey in John Lewis for something like £22 a metre, so I found something 'similar' at the Fabric Fandango:

She really liked my New Top, tried it on and it almost fit! The neckline was very similar to the original  top she had seen. I recently traced the smallest size on the pattern sheet - only one size smaller than my top. I cut it out last week, possibly forgetting to add the seam allowance on the back neckline.... hopefully not.  I followed Fehr Trade's tutorial for sorting out the neckline again. I had to do the shoulder seams a couple of times to get it to look right, but I finished the whole thing a couple of nights ago. Eldest was pleased with it when I asked her to try it on, but a bit concerned about the rather low front, hence the white t-shirt underneath.

I was a bit cheeky and tried it on myself... I'm not sure I want to let her have it now!

On the intended recipient:

On me!

(I have realised since I wrote the New Top post, that I got most of the details of the top wrong.  It is in fact from MyImage, topM1152 from the fall/winter 2012 issue).


  1. hahahahahha. She will soon be shopping from your closet.The top is lovely though. I think since it is knit, she will be able to wear it for a long time as she grows more. I usually forget to add seam allowance as well when I make stuff from Burdastyle. I have a MyImage magazine though I have not really made anything out of it yet.

  2. What a great top, and it is fantastic that you can wear it too :)

  3. Tamsin it looks great on you as well! You'll may be stealing it from her wardrobe! Great fabric choice - it seems to work really well.

    1. Thanks! I think I will be making some more of these, simple but stylish.

  4. I hate that picture of me.......