Sunday, 20 May 2012

MMM12 week 2 round up

I'm a little bit behind in Me-Made-May, so here we have Week 2 (week 3 hopefully up tomorrow!):

Monday 7th May

Top: Me- made Autumn Tunic
Jeans: Ancient New Look Hula jeans, now relegated to gardening wear
Cardi: as seen last week
Dry enough to garden, but not warm. Tunic just about visible, assessing angles for cold frame that Husband 'knocked up' over the weekend:

Wednesday 9th May

Top: Me-made cowl top
Skirt: Me-made Pebble skirt
Cardi: MerinoMink
Another miserable, grey, rainy day. Worn to my sewing class and to meet my sister for lunch. Photo taken at Peterhouse, Cambridge. I have seen lots of people wearing ankle boots with skirts recently, so I thought I'd give it a try, however I was not comfortable, mentally or physically. The boots were very uncomfortable - they are very old and will be going in the bin very soon!

Thursday10th May

Dress: Denim Portfolio dress
Warmish, when not raining. Enjoying a coffee with Husband & Eldest, whilst Middlest & Youngest were at Gymnastics.

This weather is seriously hampering my MMM choices. I dislike being cold, so the summer tops I have waiting are not going to put to use for while, even with cardi's.

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  1. same for me, I'm not going to wear summer clothes in this terrible weather. I still want to steal your passport dress. Its stunning