Tuesday, 8 May 2012

MMM12 week one round up

Still not got quite enough Me-made clothing to see me through the month, hence the 3 day a week, part of my pledge.

Here goes - Day 1, 1st May

Top: Me- made, original post here
Jeans: New Levi's demi-curve slim leg (I have been a 'bootcut' girl for years, so I am still getting used to this)
Boots: Ancient, possibley M&S
Worn with a combination, throughout the day, of long sleeved curly collared cardi (as seen in post about the top), raincoat & gloves, and wellie-boots. Temp approx 10C in the morning, rising to about 16C at afternoon school run time and mostly WET. (Photo courtesy of Youngest Daughter, who struggled to press the button without moving the camera!)

Day 2, 3rd May

Top: navy blue wool jumper, Boden seconds, some years a go
Cardi: MerinoMink, bought in New Zealand
Skirt: Me-made, pre-blog, around 2000.  This is made from John Lewis furnishing fabric that was around for years, although now (reasonably recently) discontinued. I didn't wear this for years, as I found it really hard to find tops that went with it.
Topped with raincoat for most of the day. I didn't check the temp, but it was not warm (note I am wearing 2 jumpers/sweaters - and it is May).

Day 3, 5th May

Top: Me-Made, original post here
Trousers: Ancient, Boden
Cardi: Kew. This cardi is going to repurposed somehow in the not too distant future. It is one of my favs and has worn so much, the elbows are bare. It has an interesting collar, which I love.
Again, it was cold and wet for some of the day, but I did get some gardening done between the showers, so jeans were swapped in for the trousers. (Same combo worn on Sunday, for more gardening).

So, gentle start to MM12.  There are signs that it might be warming up, so some of the summer stuff might make it out of the drawer under my bed soon!

I have been checking out the Facebook page, and the Flickr group, it's very interesting to see how people put their outfits together. I had tried to join the flickr group, but am having tech issues, so will have to enlist help at some point.

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  1. Hello Tamsin. I was wondering where your were. Didn´t know you had problems joining the group. Did you ask Zoe? Your outfits look fantanstic!