Wednesday, 7 November 2012

FO: Burdastyle Twister Top

So, I finally finished the BurdaStyle twister top a couple of days after my last post.

It's interesting.
I'm not sure I like it very much - I like the concept, but just not on me. The jersey I used has turned out to be a bit fragile, and where I have joined a sleeve section I have a hole forming. Also after a days wear, I have a hole in the front, about where my jeans waistband and belt sit.  Not what you want to find in a brand new make. 

It was quite comforatble to wear, although the shoulder that I fiddled with continued to fall off  my shoulder thoughout the day. It wasn't too annoying most of the time as I was wearing it under a cardi, but when I took the cardi off, there was a certain amount of wriggling to keep my shoulder and bra strap under cover.

I made this almost entirely with my overlocker (serger). Only the hems were sewn on my normal machine, with a regular zigzag stitch.  I keep wondering about getting a twin needle for my machine - if I keep sewing with jersey I might look into it further. Given that my machine is 14 years old, I'm not at all sure they exist. 

The top survived the wash - I wasn't sure this would be the case given the couple of holes I mentioned. However I haven't worn it since.  I got it out to put on the other day, but couldn't bring myself to wear it.  I may try to recycle the fabric for a summer top.

I put my arms on upside down today!



  1. Well, I do like it, you know? It looks very interesting and the shoulder bit is quite sexy, although maybe not for colder weather?
    I like it anyways!

  2. It looks stunning Tamsin! Very dramatic and fab choice of fabric in the colour and stripes as it shows off what's going in( ok less good if it's not standing up to the rigours of the wearing...)
    But I get that it might not be a day to day practical top...that call is up to you...whether you want a statement piece or an everyday make.
    Twin needles by the way come with regular shanks that are universal, ie the top of them looks like any old machine needle, and they're a few quid each. I found they revolutionised my hems!