Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Queen of Procrastination

I am the Queen of Procrastination at the moment.  I have lots of lovely fabric, most of it bought with a plan in mind. The trouble is I really like the original plan, then think up new plans (usually plural) and end up being so paralyzed by indecision that I don't do anything.

Some of my fabric:
a very soft corduroy bought from the local market for £3.00 a metre:

Wool jersey bought from Geoff Rosenberg at Trumpington village hall:

patterned silk from the remnant bin at John Lewis:

Teal wool blend bought from Geoff Rosenberg just because I liked it. The current plan is a Sewaholic Minoru, or a skirt from my pattern cutting class:
middle fabric (need to do something with the other two as well)

Teal linen/cotton blend, bought in New Zealand 4 years ago bought to make a Hot Pattern shirt dress that I muslined and lost heart with. Could also be a Simplicity 2451 with lots left over:

Very drapey jersey, again from Geoff Rosenberg, bought to recreate a Boden Tunic that has been worn to death (could also be wrap dress or renfrew/burda raglan:

Corduroy bought in Goldhawk Road 18months ago to make a Beignet:
top fabric (bottom one already used)

Knobbly blue/grey fabric from one of the ladies at my pattern cutting class - for a sloppy top/Laurel style dress (from my dress block):

Numerous jerseys for renfrews, burda raglan tops and other t-shirt type tops:

Linen for summer skirts or trousers:

Quite large ponti remnants from other makes:

Am I the only one this happens to?! Maybe I will continue the procrastination by rearranging fabric by type, rather than colour...


  1. Oh my!! That a lot of pretty fabrics! This happens to me too...but not in that degree! :D
    I´d start with the renfrews. It´s cold, they are cozy and fast to make...And then maybe a curduroy skrit with a little flare to it?... Just thinking
    Best of luck!

  2. Having too many plans is better than too few I reckon. You've got some lovely fabrics there. The one with the blue orange print is intriguing. Looks lightweight in the picture; maybe a fabulous blouse?

    1. The orange print fabric was bought because I had Eldest with me and she loved it. I'm not sure it would be to her taste any more, so the current idea is that if I make a Minoru I will use it for the lining - it is a very soft cotton.

  3. Hi Tamsin. No you aren't the only one at all. I have a drawer full of material and somehow having too much choice and possibilities means that I do nothing! It doesn't help that I want things to be perfect rather than just throw myself into the challenge. I have some lovely silk and cotton from India and I worry that I won't do it justice with my current skill level so haven't used it yet!!
    I was admiring your skater dress and have just bought the pattern. I do find that when I get to a shop that sells fabric at a reasonable cost (not anywhere here in Cambridge!!) that I tend to buy too much and that fills up the stash too. I have been a bit braver about using that though. yours Katharine