Saturday, 15 November 2014

FO: A Summer of Stripes - part 4 - A Plantain Tee

I am playing catch-up here again, lots of sewing, not much blogging...

Towards the end of the summer I posted this picture:

asking for opinions on the elbow patch.  Nine out of 10 respondants went for the lime green patch for a pop of colour.  The 10th respondant (aka Middlest daughter) said along the lines of 'ugh, what do want to put a patch on for anyway? they're horrible!'. So, lime green it was!

The Plantain Tee is a free pattern from the French pattern company Deer & Doe and it seemed fairly straight forward to sew up - I finished this in the summer holidays so I can't really remember too much about it.

I do remember finishing the sleeve and shirt hems with my twin-needle, but they are not as stretchy as I thought they'd be.  Every time I shove my sleeve up my arm I think the stitching will snap.

I used some fabric that I bought in NZ when we were living there. It wasn't my first choice of colour, there was a lovely turquoise/grey that I loved, but I procrastinated so long that that colour was sold out by the time I had decided to buy it. I don't know what the fabric content is, but it is very stretchy.

Here are some photos:

and a couple of the top in action:

Having worn it quite a bit since I finished it, I have decided that whilst I will wear it, it is not my favourite shape of top. It is a touch too wide (for my taste) at the hem and I think that if I were to make another I would bring the shoulder seam forward, probably by about 1cm. Also looking at the photo with the hedgehog, I might do something about the arm hole as well...

I have included it in the Summer of Stripes because of when I made it - I am very aware that it is not summer in the Northern Hemisphere now!


  1. I made my first two of these recently & like the shape - the wide hem suits my tummy pretty well! I did find the shoulders too wide for me so I went down two sizes around them for my second - though I chose my size by full bust measurement... Hmm. Second one is a pretty good fit anyway :-)

  2. It looks great on you! I've printed this pattern out but haven't tried it yet, your thoughts will be very helpful, thank you! I really like the lime green elbow patches, very cool.