Friday, 12 June 2015

FO: Burda Raglan top 2/2013 #127, again!

How many times have you made one pattern? This pattern is my most used pattern - I used it for OWOP (One Week One Pattern) last year. I have made 2 long sleeve versions, a short sleeve one, a short sleeve dress length version and now this one.

I bought the fabric from Geoff Rosenberg at Trumpingtion Village Hall a few months ago.
The fabric in the middle

It is a John Kaldor Jersey so good quality, but it is 100% man made fibre and feels like it is a bit clammy when I first put it on.  Apart from that I really like it. It is quite stretchy and the arms are designed to be extra long, but in this fabric they were comedy long. I cut some of the length off and maybe took a fraction too much off, but not enough to be irritating, thankfully.

It is quite hard to take pictures of the fabric as the pattern makes it seem out of focus.
I think this one is in focus!

sleeve gathers - my favourite part of this pattern
This is the fifth time I have made this top so I didn't really use the instructions. I wore it several times during MMMay15.

I am trying out larger photos today - what do you think?


  1. What a great pattern that is, a true workhorse. I love your new top and am also highly amused/jealous of your living near the brilliant sounding Trumpington village hall. That's the most English-sounding location ever!

    1. Trumpington is an area of Cambridge and village hall was in the news last year, I think it was, for hold S&M evening classes! Fabric sales are much safer I imagine!

  2. Lovely!! It's great to have such a fail safe pattern that delivers every time! Love the gathers!

  3. Ohhh, those gathers are such a lovely detail! TNT patterns are the best :D

  4. I love this pattern as well. I think I have about three longsleeve versions and at least four short sleeve versions. The idea with the dress is a great idea too.