Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Last Me-Made-May15 review

So, May is well and truly over and here are my last few days

Friday 29th May day 25

I am wearing my favourite pattern, the Burda raglan top as a dress. Youngest is wearing a skirt for twirling
 And dolly is wearing shoes that Youngest made - with a bit of help from me

Saturday 30th May day 26

Hudson Pants with Bronte Top, both currently unblogged 

Sunday 31st May day 27

Unblogged self drafted trousers and Bronte top

I think it is pretty clear that I wear me-made something quite easily for most days of the week, but it is equally clear that I need to make some more bottom half items. These pictures have shown me that I get better pictures if someone else takes the photo and that I shouldn't leave it so long between colouring my hair. My blog gets more attention from me during me-made-May as I try to blog all the things that I have not got round to writing up, and I have actually done quite a bit of sewing this month too.

Heres to next May, and thanks as ever to Zoe for organizing it!

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