Sunday, 31 May 2015

Catching up with blogging again - Party Top

Continuing with my catching up of unblogged items, here is a sleeveless cowl top.

Photo lightened so you can see the drape

I made this last November in about a day and a half which is unheard of for me!  A friend of mine invited us to her 50th birthday party. I had bought a stretchy multicolour sequin skirt specially for the party, but had been unable to find a top to go with it, so I whipped one up!

I knew exactly what I wanted  - just plain black with a cowl neck. I used the MyImage cowl neck pattern that I have made before here and here, and just left the sleeves off.

After having my sewing machine for 16 years I discovered a really good stretch stitch, which is probably a lightening stitch.
lightening stitch?

I had tried to twin needle the hem but that did not look good, so I tried this new stitch and it was fab.  I used Wondertape to help with all the hemming which helped tremendously. I left the edge of the cowl drape raw as it tucks inside the top and doesn't get seen.  I think I did this on the other two that I made as well.

Unfortunately I haven't any pictures of me wearing it at the party - which reminds me I must try and get some from my friend!

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