Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The stash...

Last week I bought some more fabric. They are lovely pieces and when I was buying them I could see exactly what to make from them. Now they are home and washed and in my pile, I keep having different ideas about them and now I don't know what to make. This happens to me all the time.

Paralysed by indecsion, not wanting to make something and mess it up, or not liking something when it's done. Time to get a bit braver I think.

Here are my new pieces:

Top is a cotton lycra stripe jersey, middle is a beautiful brushed cotton jersey, and bottom a lovely Liberty jersey print. Not pictured is some stretch denim for another pair of Ginger Jeans.

Earlier today I discovered the Stash Less 2016 challenge on the The Craft Sessions blog.  Lots of interesting reading and inspiration to crack on and get using my stash. I don't think my stash is that crazy, and I don't think having a stash is bad, I just need to start using what I have got. We'll see what happens - I have enough to keep me making for quite a long time!

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