Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Wedding Guest accessories

This is a postscript to my last post to detail the accessories I made for us both for the wedding.

I made my husband a tie from the same fabric as my dress, and a little pocket square. I used the same pattern for the tie as I did for the grooms men's ties, and I think I even put one of the little labels in it as a reminder of the event.

At the last minute I realised that I didn't have a suitable bag. Having seen a lot of Ida Clutches on the Internet a little before this I thought that would be ideal. The pattern for the clutch is by Kylie and the Machine and is a free download.

The Ida clutch is such a great little pattern.  It is perfect for using up leftovers and with Christmas coming up ideal for quick and easy gifts.  There is so much information in the instructions for this, with a whole post all about interfacing adequately. The written instructions and the photographs are all very clear  and easy to follow, so enough gushing, here is my version!

I pulled out various bits of fabric from the stash to see what would go with the dress and the sandals that I had bought. I ended up with a piece of fabric left over from making curtains for one of my girls last year - it is a blush pink furnishing fabric (middle piece in the picture below) with a fair bit of structure to it.

I decided to line it with fabric leftover from my dress.  Even though the main fabric was reasonably stiff I followed the interfacing instructions and ended up double interfacing to get the stiffness I wanted.

I put in two little internal pockets and just followed the instructions

And as a finishing touch I put in one of the labels I had put in the ties

I could have made it a bit bigger given what I tried to fit in it, but this was a fantastic, quick make  and I will be making more!

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  1. Wow T, this looks great - so professional. It's lovely you have a little reminder of your friends weding day too!