Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Getting back to sewing

Well, I have finally started sewing again. Lots of things have been going on... in brief:

Over a month ago, my mother-in-law took me shopping for my belated 40th birthday present - an overlocker. After lots of research on the net and some advice from Tilly and Karen, we went to the Sewing Centre in Clapham and I am now the somewhat daunted owner of an Elna overlocker. Following that, mother-in-law took me to some of the fabric shops that she has used in the past. We went to Joel & Sons, MacCulloch & Wallis, Cloth House, Broadwick Silks, Borovich Fabrics and a few more. Amazingly I only bought two pieces of fabric:

this for a Pendrell;

and this for a muslin for a shirt for Husband;

However, since that shopping day, the weather has perfect for gardening, so the overlocker is unpacked, but otherwise untouched, and the fabric remains uncut.

My parents came to stay for a few days over the Easter holidays, which meant that the spare room/sewing space was transformed from this:

into a space that they could sleep in.

The garden was pretty much untouched by the tenants while we were in New Zealand, so we have been transforming the garden as seen here.

Eldest and Middlest daughters have expressed an interest in using the sewing machine and creating something themselves. Over the holidays I have been helping them with a project I found here. This has been an education, most for me. I have found that I cannot teach them both at the same time, even with a spare sewing machine. Each of them needs a different approach, and acceptance from me of differing attention spans! Middlest now has a finished bag, which she has taken to school to show today. Eldest has a half pinned heap of material waiting for her.

I have also been making a muslin for my Pendrell blouse, but I will save that for another post.

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