Saturday, 14 January 2012


Slippers for middlest
This is a guest post by husband.

This crochet nonsense is getting out of hand.  Wife stupidly mentioned that she would actually wear some slippers if I made some.  No problem I thought, but these ones have got to be special.  I'd made slippers for eldest, which were rubbish and have already fallen apart, but completed much better ones for middlest and youngest (see below).  I was much happier with these, particularly the built in stripes for youngest that I completed in one evening.

Slippers for youngest

Crochet Slippers at Etsy
Wife's slippers were going to be special.  I decided on a whole new design.  I was now an expert, I was getting ambitious. I found a lovely pattern at etsy (that I had never heard of, but wife is a regular apparently) that should have looked like this.  I paid real hard cash for them.  They were going to be a big surprise and they were going to be great.  Looking at Etsy now, I found another view of the slippers that I think would have made me think twice before making them.  As it was, I beavered away, making and remaking the sole with entirely inappropriate fluffy wool that drove me to distraction as the pubic twirls got caught on my hook when they shouldn't have.  The blind test of the slippers (wife had her eyes shut) looked like this, and I was so unhappy I asked her to check.

First pair, looks a bit odd to us

We decided that they were a no go (though they look remarkably like what they should look like, a big step for me!), and I would go with the traditional design from my original book from the library, Simple Crochet by Erika Knight.  I knew I could knock them off, so made a start and then forgot about them until the last minute panic before Christmas.  Wife tried them on plain but had no idea what decoration they would get.  I painstakingly created a stitch perfect copy of our family shield and crest.  I am sure I don't need to explain that one is a "falcon rising" and the other is three swords with a crescent Moon.  I was delighted to give them to wife, and a tear was in my eye after all the pain and suffering that went in to them (I might have had a stray eyelash).  She had nobly put them on her feet more than once and says polite things about them, so I dare say they are a success.  Ideally I would like to find something sensible to put on as a sole to make them last a little longer.  I am open to suggestions.

Finished item on Christmas day

Weeks later, note the wear on the bottom!


The next project will either be some crazy amigurumi (wife gave me this funny book), slippers for eldest that will last more than a month or a hat for me (I bought £20 of merino today in preparation).


  1. Yet More crochet battles won! These are true family heirlooms- not only with the heraldry, the blood sweat and tears, but don't you think the style's got something of the middle ages about them? Im so impressed how far you've progressed and see you as an inspiration! Brilliant pressie :-)

  2. Just discovered your site - crocheting hubby??? Off to have a peek around your blog to see what else you two get up to...

  3. Hahahahaha. This is such a funny post. I could not stop laughing. I wish my hubby could do cool stuff lile this. How did you get into crocheting?

  4. Hi Dibs. It is a long story that started with melons.

    It is mentioned in the Squash Nets post