Thursday, 5 January 2012

Backwards, Forwards...

I have spent a lot (ahem, too much) time recently, reading other peoples blog posts reviewing 2011 and looking forward to 2012, so, here is my twopen'th...

I have greatly enjoyed my sewing in the last year and feel that I am getting better at choosing things that suit me and that I actually wear, my favourites being:
Turquoise top :
Denim Portfolio Dress
New Top
I have noticed that all three of these are blue, and a large quantity of my stash is blue. I never thought that I wore much blue, and still don't, but this could prove me wrong!

My silliest make was:

Medieval Madness

particularly the Cockscomb and Liripipe ( hat!) - sorry no picture of it on its own.

For 2012 my aims (not resolutions!) are to:
  • keep sewing, with this, hopefully, the
  • quality of my makes will continue to improve, and I will eventually (long term, not necessarily this year) have a whole wardrobe of me-made-clothing.
  • I am planning to make some trousers soon
  • take part in Me-Made-May this year
  • Comment more on the blogs that I read. It is so inspiring seeing what other people around the world are sewing, and know that even if you are making the same pattern as someone else, you will both end up with completely different items
  • blog a bit more regularly and not take forever to write a post!

So that is about it I think...

Happy New Year and happy sewing!

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  1. Tamsin, I adore your top 3 makes & chuckled again at the whimsical Cockscomb, remembering it from when you first posted about it. Good to have fun, isn't it?!
    Good goals too.... look forward to seeing how you get on in 2012.
    Will the mad crocheter return in 2012?